50 Shades of Grey Movie: William Levy Could Be a Latino Christian Grey


Cuban actor and model William Levy is the latest celebrity jumping on the Fifty Shades of Grey movie bandwagon. The telenovela actor, who jumped to popularity in America thanks to a stint in Dancing with the Stars, said that he would love to “turn up the heat” as Christian Grey “if the opportunity comes along.”

"I have heard about it. Every day I hear about it," said the actor. Levy claims his female fans are “saying it all over” that they want Levy to play the troubled business tycoon with a penchant for domination and hardcore sex.  “[…] if the opportunity comes for me to play this role, I would play it. I would love to do it,” added Levy.

The now coveted role of Christian Grey has been suggested for a variety of film and television actors, including Ryan Gosling, Matt Bommer and Ian Sommerhalder. However, the Latino actor thinks he’s got what it takes to bring to life the sexual energy projected by the character of Christian Grey in the racy E. L. James’ novels – especially, after having read the enlightening book.   

“Some girls came up to me and said you should play this... and I didn’t have an idea, [of the book], Levy said. “But when I started reading it, I looked at these women in a different way let me tell you,” he said laughing. “I was like you want me to play this role? Oh man!” Levy added smiling. “Now I know how you are! It has been fun and it’s a great book, people are loving it. Girls are loving it.”

The inexperienced film actor will be polishing his skills soon with his upcoming participation in Tyler Perry’s next film.