One Steamy GIF Perfectly Sums Up What Our Sex Lives Are Really Like


Rolling around in the sheets, getting out of breath and sweaty... yeah, that happens occasionally. The rest of the time? We're freakin' exhausted. We cuddle. We spoon. 

And we pass out next to each other despite our very best efforts.

In short, this GIF, posted to Imgur on Thursday, is all of us:

"I am so guilty of this," reads the caption by user jmariie94. Some similar reactions, in the (pleasantly sweet) comments section?

"Every. Single. Night."

"One of the best feels ever."

"As a wife, this is a perfect description of my marriage."

"Bruh. This. Is. My. Life."

The little cuddling moves, the wordless interactions, the languid, sleep-laden gestures — lying in bed with another person isn't always hot and heavy sex. As the data and our sad missed "booty call" texts prove, we're a pretty exhausted bunch. 

The upside is that cuddling, even when it's not actually leading to any sort of sex, is good for us and our relationships: It boosts our mood, makes us feel closer and calms us down. And the best part? You only have to be half-awake to even do it. Sleepy back scratches FTW.