It's Not Just Looks: These Are the Little Things That Really Make Someone Sexy

A man with brown hair sitting on a couch, drinking from a cup, and reading a book, and that makes hi...

You're sitting on the downtown train after a long day when you notice the guy across from you, just as he loosens his tie and rolls up his sleeves. 

Or perhaps you see a person on your lunch break, deeply absorbed in a novel on a park bench. Maybe it's seeing someone twirl their hair as they talk. Or maybe it's just a belly laugh. Whatever it is about that small behavior, whether they're trying to send a message with it or not, that little quirk suddenly makes that person irresistible.

Sometimes it's just the little things that instantly make someone else sexy — and we all have our list of items. While pure physical looks play a big part in attraction, we all know there are countless other factors that make your heart flutter, your stomach drop and your whole body to get hot and bothered. 

So Mic surveyed our ever-honest readers via Google form and Tumblr to find out what all those little things are. As it turns out, a lot of us are turned on by the same little things...


"When he does something that's potentially embarrassing, forgetting that there is someone watching, then realizes it and laughs at himself."

"When a girl laughs so hard she snorts and then her hands fly to her mouth, like she's trying to shove it back in."

"The special snort-laugh he has just for laughing at puns."

"When he laughs at his own dumb jokes. It just kills me."


"The scowl she gets when she's deep in thought or trying to figure out a problem."

"Being really focused on something is always attractive. It can be a video game, a book or a car engine, the focus on their face makes them really hot."

"The way they look when they focus."

"When someone is passionately explaining something they're into or involved with and their eyes are all lit up and they're almost vibrating with energy."

"Getting excited about something, focusing intently, picking out an outfit and getting dressed, talking seriously about a topic."

"It's the way they puff their cheeks when they think and run their fingers through their hair."

"Reading a book."


"I love it when someone I'm interested in interacts with pets, like, baby talks to a puppy and plays with it, cuddles with a cat... it's adorable and totally my weakness."

"Definitely men being adorably good dads. Panty. Dropper."

"Smiling when they see something cute while we're out (animals, babies, a cute couple interaction, etc)."

"I love it when a man is good around kids. Every time I see my boyfriend play with my nephews, I realize he's the sexiest man in the world."


"I love it when they smile so wide that their eyes crinkle around the corners. Most attractive thing ever."

"The kinda half-smile, half-serious smirk when they're looking at you."

"When my husband tries something he's never had before and immediately loves it, he makes these slight noises of total satisfaction and happiness. It's really adorable."

"When I catch him smiling at me when he thinks I'm not looking."

"Smile a goofy smile at a thought they just had."

"When they smile shyly and blush when you catch them looking."

"A little smirk like they're onto something."


"When [a girl's] sweater almost covers their entire hand."

"After she's finished eating, or taking a bath, and her cheeks and nose are rosy, and she smiles so content."

"My partner is really cute when he's settling in for bed."

"The way her pajamas bottoms are too big for her and drag on the floor a bit."

"When they're looking relaxed or sleepy."

"When a girl is stretching or makes cute noises."

Mic/TV Recappers Anonymous

"Giving their seat on the subway to someone else."

"When they acknowledge people. Saying 'hello' when they enter a room, 'thank you' if someone opens a door, answering a homeless person on the street even if it is to say 'I can't help you today.'"

"When they easily make other people laugh and happy around them."

"Smiling at strangers. Being polite in general."


"When they roll up their dress shirts to their elbows!" 

Yes. Always and forever.