Watch Tracy Morgan's Heartbreaking First Interview Since His Car Crash


On Monday morning, Today show host Matt Lauer interviewed comedian Tracy Morgan in his first public appearance since a major car crash in June 2014 left him with a brain injury and killed a member of his entourage. A Wal-Mart truck hit Morgan's limousine bus, causing a multi-car accident and leaving Morgan with numerous broken bones and in a coma. Wal-Mart settled out of court with the injured parties involved, and Morgan has been recovering in physical therapy over the last year.

Morgan began the interview in disbelief, saying he couldn't believe he was actually there.


Lauer, who was interviewing Morgan, asked him what the recovery process was like for him. Morgan shared what a difficult time it's been for him, both physically and emotionally.

At one point, Morgan was overcome by emotion and broke down. He thanked everyone who has helped him in his convalescence, from the nurses and doctors to his children and fiancée. He also thanked friends such as Tina Fey for their ongoing support, explaining how crucial it has been in his recovery. 

When Lauer asked if Morgan intended on returning to comedy and performing again, he insisted he would one day return. However, for now, he is focusing his energy on a complete recovery. 


There has been considerable speculation surrounding the extent of Morgan's injuries and whether or not he would return to public life. His appearance on Today reveals that, while he still has ways to go in his recovery, he is in better condition than many thought he would be and he remains optimistic.