Ron Paul Can Still Win By Supporting Gary Johnson in Election 2012


There is a major misconception in the liberty ranks that Gary Johnson is somehow just another warmongering candidate. I don’t know where or how this came to pass, but those Ron Paul supporters that believe such a fallacy are wrong – dead wrong.

Gary Johnson and Ron Paul agree on nearly every single issue that matters to liberty-minded Americans. Whether it’s bringing our troops home, repealing Obamacare, balancing the budget, or repealing the NDAA and Patriot Acts, both have pledged and, more importantly, conducted themselves politically is such a way as to demonstrate that they mean what they say.  

There are plenty of websites out there that want you to think Johnson is the same as Romney or Obama, but when you go directly to Johnson himself, you get the facts. This recent interview Politico is a prime example.

So, what does this mean for Ron Paul supporters? It’s no secret that I want nothing more than to see Ron Paul in the White House as POTUS. I will give him my support until the RNC in August. If he can emerge with a miracle win, then I believe he will win the election. However, if he fails to secure that win at the RNC, there is only one way for me to feel confident that the majority of the issues that I want represented will end up on Pennsylvania Avenue, that is to vote for Gary Johnson in November and to pledge that support right now.

When it comes to political debates, recent rules changes mean that a candidate cannot partake in the debates unless they can show support of 15% of voters. Currently, Gary Johnson polls in the 5-8% range overall. If the 10-15% of the voters that support Ron Paul will pledge their support to Gary Johnson, in lieu of a Ron Paul nomination, then we can get Gary Johnson into the debates, and then all bets are off.

If we can make this happen, the American people will get to see the truth, live and on stage. The answers will speak for themselves. In fact, I happen to think that Gary Johnson would do better in a debate because he seems to be able to more clearly speak what is on his mind than the amicable, but sometimes weak speaking Dr. Paul.

So with this, I implore you Ron Paul supporters, support Ron Paul all the way to the convention. If he gets the nod, I’ll be sticking with you. But right now, let America know that if Dr. Paul fails in his bid that you will NOT give your support to Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, but rather you will vote for Gary Johnson, then we can get him into the debates. What have you got to lose? Only your freedom.