10 Stats Obama Can Use to Deliver the 2012 Knockout Blow to Romney


Obama supporters are feeling down these days. The media says economic indicators are not looking good; we are bombarded with narratives of the poor and unemployed and the polls show a very tight race between Obama and Romney. So is Obama’s re-election slipping away from their grasps? I don't think so.

A recent poll by Gallup asked Americans what their choice for  president in 2012 should have as priorites, and found that  job creation, corruption reduction, and reducing the federal budget deficit are the top three items. Here are 10 reasons why President Obama is the right candidate to continue tackling these and other problems: 

1. Obama is More Honest Than Romney:

Washington Post’s Pinocchio Tracker checks the quotes from presidential candidates and awards Pinocchios to fibbers. Their findings denote Romney prevaricates more than Obama on the campaign trail. Their latest table can be viewed below. Likewise, Politifact’s Truth-O-Meter has a file on Obama and Romney showing that Obama fudges a lot less than Romney. We need an honest and trustworthy president, --since a dishonest one will be corruptible. 

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2. Obama is Not Spendthrift: 

Obama is telling the truth when he said, “ I am not an over spender.” There is no runaway spending in Obama’s administration and he knows how to handle the taxpayers’ moneyMarketWatch crunched the numbers and proved that Obama’s alleged spending binge did not happen. Historical evidence also points to the fact that past Democratic Party presidents exercised very good financial judgment making them the best bet for better economy.  

3. Obama did Not Single-handedly Increase the National Debt: 

Previous presidents had heaped a lot of it before Obama came to the oval office. If you are worried about our nation’s fiscal health, vote a Democrat into office: they have a better track record. The Maddow Blog illustrated this with a chart showing that, “over two-thirds of the national debt is from the last three Republican administrations, more than twice as much as all other presidents combined.”  It's also important to point out that Obama’s share largely came out from a bipartisan decision to extend tax cuts, so the economy will not sink in further.

4. Obama’s Affordable Care Act is Not the Biggest Tax Increase the U.S. Has Seen:

The GOP/Fox News claim that it is “the largest tax increase in history” and Limbaugh’s, “largest tax increase in world’ take are “pants-on-fire” assertions. The Century Foundation’s Benjamin Landry and Politifact’s Truth-O-Meter conclude that there are other tax increases in U.S. History that dwarf Obamacare. 

Tax increases are inevitable. Our country needs to pay for what it wants. Job creation, combatting corruption and reducing our debt costs a lot of money.

5. Obama is Wise for Wanting to Change the Tax Structure for the Wealthy:

Obama is a fiscally astute man who knows one needs tax revenues to cut the national deficit and balance the budget. Business Insider debunked the myth that high tax rates on the rich will adversely affect the economy and make people lazy. Our country needs to close tax loopholes for those who can afford to pay more not only for fairness but also for a better, stronger society. 

6. Obama’s Contribution to the $14 Trillion Debt is About a Third of GWB’s:

Most of the $14.3 trillion debt was piled on by Republican presidential administrations of the past.  The saying, “If you want a better economy, vote for a Democrat” is buttressed by historical evidence. Need any more convincing that the Democrats are financially sane? Try studying U. S. political history. Republicans like to ascribe a chunk of the national debt to Obama. That is plain wrong. The biggest piece of Obama’s contribution to the debt actually came between 2007-2009 due to the recession and war spending. 

7.  Our Present Economy is Not all Obama’s Fault:

Obama inherited bad economic triggers/ factors and ongoing wars from a number of presidents before him. He created policies that entailed spending but that were necessary to stop the economy’s downward spiral. Could Obama have tried harder to stimulate the economy? Yes, if you take away the obstructionists out of his way.  In fairness to Bush, the recession is only partially his fault (but the costly wars were).  

8.  The Private Sector is Gaining Jobs:

The chart below compares job gains under Obama and GWB during their first term as presidents. Obama’s trend is not yet complete but it clearly shows that the private sector gained jobs faster under Obama. But the public sector is losing jobs? We were all crying that the government is too big so that should be a positive.

9.  The Clintons, Bill and Hillary Are On Obama’s side:

Why is this important? The Clintons popularity among American voters has not waned since 1993 when both entered Americans’ lives as the president and first lady. Gallup polls shows that Hillary’s favorability is at the record-high of 66%. Bill's popularity is also at 66%, which mirror the favorable rating he got when he was inaugurated as first term president in 1993. Bill is remembered for the good economic times during his presidency and Hillary is respected for her stance against terrorism and excellent track record as the secretary of state.  

10.  Do not fear. The geeks are also on Obama’s side:

What about the geek factor? Obama's campaign is powered by an army of tech savvy people who have the ability to harness the potency of data through predictive analytics. What does geeks have to do with the three priorities Americans want the president to look into? Have you heard of an economy, terrorism, and deficit app? No?  You will, soon.