Fox News May Have Just Aired the Worst Segment Yet About Caitlyn Jenner


Over the last few days, Fox News has distinguished itself for its unique take on the transition of Bruce Jenner into Caitlyn. On Wednesday, panelists on the network's 3 a.m. show (aptly named Red Eye) also weighed in with a discussion that began as a train wreck and largely went south from there. 

Reason magazine editor Matt Welch got the ball rolling by complaining about having to tolerate transgendered people, saying he found it difficult to keep up with all the acceptance. "Bruce becomes Caitlyn Jenner, then there's a thousand people saying whatever the mores are right now, which will be totally different a month from now, everyone has to follow it right now or else they're all human monsters."

Comedian Tom Shillue jumped into the fray, bemoaning how hard it will be to remember Jenner's new name before asking the panel's only woman, radio host Jedediah Bila, about the "real issue" that was obviously on everybody's mind.


Ironically, the Red Eye segment pointed out a number of unfortunate realities that went largely overlooked by most of the mainstream media. Another panelist, comedian Mark Normand, asked whether it was worth it for Jenner to become a man because of the pay cut, a reference to the well-known disparity between male and female salaries. 

Bila, meanwhile, admirably smacked down any idea she would be afraid to pee next to a "freshly transgendered" woman. The most telling comment of all, however, came from panelist Andy Levy, who almost nervously reflected on how the future of transgender rights might play out in the long run.


To this, a visibly amused Bila could not contain herself, zeroing in on the most important part of Levy's observation: "Did you say y'all?" The segment concluded with her exploding in laughter.

It's not the first unfortunate Jenner coverage from Fox. Previously, Fox Business host Neil Cavuto could hardly keep himself together chuckling at Jenner. On Monday's segment of his show, Cavuto said of the story that "anything can happen," and repeatedly declined to use female pronouns. He took the additional step of jokingly referring to guest Charles Payne as "Charlene."

Fox News. Always classy. End scene.