iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors: Video of iPhone 5 and New Features Revealed


Update: On Monday, a video was released which shows the enclosure as well as a number of external components for the new iPhone 5. The video gives a really good impression of what the phone will look like in the user's hands. According to a report from iMore, the new iPhone 5 will be introduced at a media-event on September 12, and will be available to consumers on September 21. 

Word on the street is that Apple's iPhone 5 will be released sometime this September or December. While Apple has officially announced that they will be releasing their new operating sytem, iOS 6, this fall, they've remained surprisngly quiet about the upgrades to their massively popular phone. Of course, this means that countless rumors are underway about what the iPhone 5 will and will not feature. 

Just a few weeks ago, images of an alleged iPhone 5 front panel were "leaked" onto the photo-sharing site Photobucket. If these images have any bearing on the actual phone, users can expect a larger display, and a longer frame. 

The Wall Street Journal cites sources who say that the weight of this larger size will be offset by a screen that is thinner. 

According to rumors posted by Reuters, the location of the headphone jack will be moving as well. The current 30-pin port will be changed to a 19-pin port which allow for the headphone jack to move to the bottom of the phone instead of its current location on the side. 

Additional rumors have surfaced about security and saviness. Apple has announced they will be spending $356 million to buy the security company AuthenTec. The company is a mobile and network security provider. Its specialized techniques, such as content security and fingerprint recognition, could help make the iPhone more secure.  

In terms of saviness, there is speculation that the new iPhone 5 will feature components of Passbook, a system available in iOS 6. The next iPhone will include a payment program based on near-field communication, a feature of Passbook.

Further speculation indicates that the iPhone 5 will fix a glitch noted by consumers in the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S was released without a 4G radio. Rumor has it the newest generation of iPhone will right this wrong giving users access to 3G GSM and 4G LTE service.

Unfortunately, we'll just have to wait a few month to see if these exciting rumors are true.