Kelly Clarkson's Soulful Cover of Rihanna Is Something Only She Could Pull Off

Kelly Clarkson is the master of the cover. After trying on the music of Sam Smith, Tracy Chapman and Taylor Swift, the pop star's latest cover is Rihanna's new "Bitch Better Have My Money." The song is a soulful, slowed-down rendition of Rihanna's single, and as usual, Clarkson totally nails it. 

Clarkson's status as American Idol alum no doubt helps her reputation as an incredible cover artist. She's one of the first stars to illustrate the awesome potential of the cover in the YouTube age, turning her Idol win into charting multiple times in the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10. Performing covers that are better than the original is part of what makes Clarkson so unique and what makes her an indispensable pop star. 

In addition to her role as songstress, she's also a social advocate for mental health, LGBT rights and marijuana legalization. Clarkson's latest work only further cements her status as a pop icon.