Will Apple Buy Twitter: Why Tim Cook May Enter the Social Media Market


Twitter is back in the spotlight once again! There are rumors that Apple is engaged in talks about strategically investing in Twitter. According to Evelyn M. Rusli and Nick Bilton of the New York Times, Apple is considering an investment in the hundreds of millions of dollars. This move will be huge for both Apple and Twitter.

There are no official negotiations at the moment, but this rumor is definitely one to look out for. In the past, there have been plenty of rumors saying that Apple was at the brink of investing in companies like Hulu and Sony, to name a few. These rumors were just hot air, because as many know, Apple usually likes to acquire small start-ups to incorporate into their own technology. It is rare for Apple to invest in a well-established company, like Twitter.

However, when you break down what we already know, there are plenty of signs pointing to the possibilities of this actually happening.

For one, Apple has already tightly integrated Twitter into both iOS and OS X. Twitter has also followed suit and has better managed its relationship with Apple. Twitter and Apple have a rock solid relationship, which is a lot more than can be said about Facebook and Apple. During Steve Jobs’s reign, Facebook made some high demands that further strained the relationship between the two companies.  

So far, social media is just not part of what Apple does. Apple has been a technology giant, and has not attempted to cross over into the social media battleground. However, as this market continues to grow, it has become a cornerstone of how we all use technology. Phones, tablets, notebooks, and desktops are all closely incorporating social media tools, and some are even making their own attempts, like Google did with Google +. By working closer with Twitter, Apple will not have to start from scratch and will instead be able to work with the ever growing social media site.

This move also greatly benefits Twitter as capturing the heart of Apple is a rare feat. Since Apple hasn’t really attempted to get involved in social media, with the exception of Ping, this just fortifies the argument that Twitter will be a social media juggernaut in 2012. Twitter can expand their relationship with Apple, something that even Facebook has never been able to do.

If this happens, it will be one of the biggest moves of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s career. An Apple-Twitter partnership would be new territory for Apple and a career defining moment for Cook.. It is definitely not a Steve Jobs' move, but this is a new era for Apple, and it is time that Cook build his own legacy.