18 #AskRachel Tweets Highlighting the Absurdity of the Rachel Dolezal Story


Twitter has weighed in on the Rachel Dolezal saga, and the results are nothing short of remarkable.

In response to allegations that the 37-year-old president of the Spokane, Washington, local NAACP chapter is actually a white woman posing as black, the hashtag #AskRachel has been trending since Thursday night.

The questions being posed run the gamut of black culture: "At what time in the morning was the poet Notorious B.I.G. paged?" asks @kidnoble (Answer: 5:46, R.I.P. Biggie). User @MikeSceezie adds a multiple choice question about where "Mary J. Blige doesn't want hateration or holleration" (Answer: In the dancery).

But by framing interrogations of Dolezal's actions through pop culture, #AskRachel doesn't just explore the complexities of how we talk about race. It also highlights the humor and absurdity of devoting so much attention to a white woman's identity crisis when pressing issues affecting black people — police brutality and mass incarceration, to name two — thrive in abundance.

Here are some of the #AskRachel highlights:

And of course, the biggest irony of them all:

Correction: June 13, 2015