Lady Gaga's Incredible Cover of "Imagine" Is Exactly Why She's a Star


Lady Gaga took the stage last week for the opening ceremony of the European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan, and stunned the audience. Wearing all white and surrounded by flowers, she accompanied herself on piano and sang an emotional rendition of John Lennon's 1971 song "Imagine." The performance was another reminder that Lady Gaga is not only a pop star but also an incredibly talented singer.  


Lady Gaga has proven before she's a force to be reckoned with when she takes the stage free of meat dresses and Kermit hats. Her performance in February with crooner Tony Bennett at the Grammy Awards forced the world to pay attention to her jazz chops and stage presence. And her Sound of Music medley at the Oscars later that month proved yet again Lady Gaga is more than just a performance artist. 

Shortly before her "Imagine" performance, the pop star Tweeted, "What an honor to have a few moments with the world watching. Could you imagine. What would you say?" We'd say, "Encore!"