28 Epic Hair Photos That Prove the "Natural Look" Is Highly Overrated


At this point, does anyone even remember the days when ombre hair was all the rage? When getting the perfect "sun-kissed" hair was the goal? When almost half of women were getting highlights and trying to fabricate a "natural" look?

These days, it's all about tasting the rainbow.

The current craze is for "rainbow hair" (or "unicorn" or "sand art" hair, depending on your take), and it presents the peak of a hair color craze that's been in the works for more than a year. Based on the colors and layering, your hair can either look like something straight from My Little Pony or those colored sand art kits you once played with as a kid.

And thank goodness, because let's face it: Looking "effortless" required just as much effort (or more) than just admitting you hit the dye bottle. And embracing it is awesomely liberating.

We can thank celebrities for leading the charge on the bold hair color trend. Cotton-candy shades started going mainstream when model Charlotte Free sported pink hair and starlets like Nicole Ritchie went lavender, celebrity colorist Daniel Moo told MTV.

"A color explosion has happened and now is being molded to our lifestyle — as normal as they can be," he said.

Here are the awesome, unabashedly effortful hairstyles that women everywhere are embracing.

Sandcolor Hair


Unicorn Strands


Dip Dyed Tresses


Colorful Ombre


Silver Foxes


Half and Half 


Full-on Brights