Coheed and Cambria Have the Best Possible Response to Antonin Scalia's Angry Dissents

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was in rare form this week, issuing two scathing dissents against landmark cases that upheld the Affordable Care Act's federal subsidies and legalized same-sex marriage across the entire country. In true angry white man fashion, Scalia's dissents were full of colorful turns of phrase like "interpretive jiggery-pokery," "SCOTUScare" and "pure applesauce," as well an admonishment to "ask the nearest hippie" about freedom of intimacy.

Progressive rock band Coheed and Cambria, however, might have managed to upstage Scalia himself by turning his screeds into an appropriately nonsensical music video for Funny or Die. It is just lovely, and a perfect way to celebrate the fact that Scalia's interpretation of the two cases did not win out.

Mic/Funny Or Die

Watch it below:

Love wins, but thanks to Coheed and Cambria, it also has the last laugh.