Watch an NYPD Officer Dance It Out at New York's Pride Parade

Officer, is that a baton on your belt or are you just happy to see me?

During Sunday's New York Pride March, which kicked into high gear while celebrating the Supreme Court's recent decision to extend same-sex marriage rights nationally, a member of the New York Police Department broke out into a spontaneous dance routine with a member of the parade.

YouTube user Paige Ponzeka uploaded the clip, which appears to depict the policeman showing off the kind of dance moves (to Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough," no less) that Justice Antonin Scalia probably thinks should be illegal.


He even gets a kiss on the cheek!


According to the video's description, the man dancing with the officer is a member of the LGBT Big Apple Softball League who was participating in the march. Since being posted, the video has started to pick up steam and go viral on social media.

Just a few decades ago, the NYPD was much more concerned with cracking LGBT peoples' skulls outside the Stonewall Inn than joining them in pride. Now if we could only get this friendly, tolerant approach to policing applied evenly to all New Yorkers, then community-NYPD relations might not be so sour.

Watch the full video below:

h/t Business Insider