Mike Huckabee Loses My Respect After Chick Fil A Appreciation Day Charade

ByTim Norkus

Wednesday is Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, according to former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. This is a made-up holiday for those who don't already appreciate their delicious food with very polite service. Despite Huckabee's claims to the contrary, this is an obvious response to the response Chick-fil-A received for company President Dan Cathy's remarks on gay-marriage.

As a somewhat normal American, I don't care where my clothes are made (or how old someone is who is making them), I don't care where my money for gasoline ends up, I don't care which celebrities I am making a tiny bit richer by watching their TV show or movie, and I certainly don't care what the CEO of a fast food chain has to say about gay-marriage.

I like Chick-fil-A, they have very good service and some pretty good food. There is a restaurant by my house in Highlands Ranch, Colo., and one by my work in Denver. I have probably dealt with a couple dozen people over the course of multiple visits and have never asked for anything other than a grilled chicken sandwich, large fries, and a diet lemonade. The main reason being, that is all that I want from them. I don't need to know their idea's on foreign policy, the Broncos, or the New World Order underneath Denver International Airport. I am there to eat lunch or dinner, not to discuss current events with the staff.

I am for gay-marriage, for the death penalty, for a woman's right to choose, for less taxes, and for red meat. It doesn't bother me one bit when someone is against any of the things I am for, and no one can post anything in the comments section will get me to change my mind. In fact, I actually think less of Mike Huckabee for this silly Appreciation Day more than the Chick-fil-A CEO for his comments.

As a straight man who is a supporter of LGBT rights, maybe I just don't have a lot at stake in this argument, and I would probably be more up in arms if the American League was to get rid of the DH. But I think mostly my apathy stems from the fact that I'm too busy being a good husband and better father to care about this issue. Now if you will excuse me I have a Chinese/South Korean Olympic badminton controversy that needs my attention.