This Mexican Laborer Had the Most Heartbreaking Response to Donald Trump's Racism


"They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists," Donald Trump said when describing Mexican immigrants during the launch of his presidential campaign June 16. These remarks were not received well. They prompted NBC, Univision and Macy's to terminate contracts Trump, along with others, and induced public outrage.

But amid the furor, one Mexican laborer had the perfect response. The man was approached while he was working. "Hi, can I ask you something?" the interviewer says. "What do you think about that guy?"

The laborer looks up from his job. "Donald Trump?" he inquires. "That son of a gun who says we're all thieves? Look, bastard, how we rape... these stakes! How we work ourselves to death just to eat."

Occupy Democrats/YouTube

The man explains how more than 30% of his income goes to paying taxes, which supports and subsidizes the American people. "I make $1,100/week and the government takes $350 to feed your lazy, unemployed drug addicts," he says. The laborer and his colleagues work in 115-degree heat and are "busting their butts in the sun... look at these guys, flooring a mile a minute."

Occupy Democrats/YouTube

"Which drugs do you do?" the interviewer asks, alluding to Trump's remarks on Mexicans. 

"This is my drug, you bastard! This one's my drug and this one's my booze, fool!" the construction worker says, referencing his sledgehammer and his hammer.

Occupy Democrats/YouTube

The power of the man's response is compounded by the fact he doesn't stop working throughout the brief interview. He displays the very work ethic and integrity Trump alleged Mexican's lack without saying a word.

Mexican immigrants contribute substantially to the workforce and "are disproportionately represented in labor-intensive jobs like construction and the service industry," reports Think Progress. Without their contribution, America's economy would invariably suffer. 

Rather than raping and doing drugs, Mexicans workers are literally and figuratively helping the Unites States build its future.