10 Quotes That Prove Donald Trump Will Be the Greatest American President


Donald Trump has had a rough start to his presidential campaign. While he has maintained a strong showing in some polls of Republican voters, the politically correct liberal media has unfairly smeared his reputation and forced many of his business partners to sever ties with him.

Poor Trump. You see, he's the victim in all this if you'd only let him explain.

Here are ten quotes setting the record straight, right out of the mouth of Trump's biggest fan: himself.

1. On being a good guy:

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Just ask the dozens of companies, former employees and private citizens that have sued or been sued by Trump over the course of his life! Then there is the 5,000 students of the defunct Trump University, all of whom claim Trump defrauded them into handing over a collective $40 million in fees for lessons that were never actually taught.

Or ask Mexicans, who feel just great about Trump after he suggested Mexico was sending their rapists and murderers across the border to terrorize Americans.

2. On his net worth:


Someone this rich could never make an easily avoidable yet terrifyingly destructive decision, like saying things so reprehensible and bigoted they destroy over $75 million in business relationships in a matter of days.

That's just not the Trump we know! How could he have made nearly $9 billion otherwise? It's not as though he could be exploiting loopholes to cover up dramatically lower totals.

3. On vaccines:

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No nerd doctor is going to tell Trump what kind of vaccination schedule is medically appropriate for a growing child. He will have that doctor fired and all of his patients removed from the hospital. That's real leadership, people.

Similarly, Trump has stated he thinks scientific research debunking the link between autism and vaccines has been "fudged up." He would "not allow" doctors to administer vaccinations according to the commonly used and medically vetted vaccination schedule.

4. On Obama's birth certificate:

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Donald Trump has never given us a chance to doubt his credibility. He certainly is not surrounded by a cabal of yes-men and con artists looking to exploit him for financial or political gain. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for a president who will never lie to Americans.

5. On border control:


Donald Trump knows the root of all evil is foreigners.

Building a massive border wall to keep them out won't even cost any money, because Trump has ingeniously devised a plan to force Mexico into building it for us.

"And I'll have Mexico pay for the wall. Because Mexico is screwing us so badly," he told NH1 News. "I will take it from out of just a small fraction of the money they've been screwing us for over the last number of years."

6. On the class wars:

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In an interview with Fox & Friends' Brian Kilmeade, Trump explained his advanced understanding of class dynamics. Trump also agreed with Kilmeade's assessment that he has a "natural relationship with the blue collar worker."

7. On the Islamic State group:


In a May interview with Fox News' Greta Van Susteren, Trump claimed to have a "method of defeating [Islamic State] quickly and effectively and having total victory."

But he refused to tell anyone what that plan actually is, the mark of a master strategist who knows how to play his cards close to his chest. In the words of former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, he is forcing Islamic State to contend with a "known unknown."

It's definitely not one of those unknown unknowns, which would suggest Trump knows so little about complex regional politics and modern warfare that he does not understand what formulating a plan to defeat Islamic State entails, let alone actually have one.

8. On China:

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Praise for the leadership of authoritarian states is very Trump.

9. On race in America:

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Trump went on to claim "blacks and hispanics" commit the "overwhelming amount of violent crime in our major cities," thereby casting the issue of violent crime in entirely racial terms. He recently did much the same with his unapologetically intolerant statements inaccurately blaming immigrants for a crime wave that does not exist.

Classic Trump!

10. On rape:


If you want someone who will be tough on the Islamic State, Democrats and lazy good-for-nothing union types, know that Donald Trump never backs down from a fight, even when it is clear he is headed for complete and utter catastrophe.