Kit Harington’s Haircut Might Have Something to Say About the Fate of Jon Snow


Jon Snow may or may not be gone forever, but his hairdo lives on.

Debunking what would seem to be rumors to the contrary, Jon Snow actor Kit Harington has not, in fact, shaved off his iconic goatee or long hair following what appeared to be his character's assassination at the end of season five. In recent photos taken at Wimbledon, Harington still looks pretty prepared for a cold, dark winter.

Karwai Tang/Getty Images
GLYN KIRK/Getty Images

All he's missing is his thick coat of black fur.

Harington is previously on the record as saying that his long haircut is part of his contractual obligation to HBO. So while this isn't proof that said contract no longer exists, it is a little more evidence yet that Jon Snow may still live on.

In a recent MTV interview with Daenerys Targaryen actress Emilia Clarke, the Khaleesi revealed her suspicion that Snow would be revived by Melisandre, the priestess of the Red God who abandoned Stannis Baratheon's army at the climax of the season five finale.


Still, no one except the show's producers, series creator George R.R. Martin and possibly Harington himself know anything for sure. The night is dark and full of rumors, but only season six will burn them all away.

h/t NDTV