Twindex Who is Winning: Obama vs Romney on Twitter


Today Twitter released what it is calling Twindex, or the Twitter Political Index, which is a way in which to track all the opinions and voices which come out of Twitter related to presidential candidates. The main idea is to basically track all the different discussions on Twitter in a way which lets voters see how well candidates are faring in terms of social media and important issues such as health care and the economy.

Twindex is a partnership between Twitter and search engine Topsy, as well as two political pollsters. Twitter’s blog notes that with all the recent political news being found on Twitter, it is no surprise as to why pundits are already calling 2012 “the Twitter election.” However, it should be noted that Twindex is not specifically an opinion poll but rather a way to follow and track conversations related to the election. Twindex has the ability to see whether the information tracked about a candidate is positive or negative, then use that to form data on the matter.

In the few hours that it has been launched, the Twindex has been abuzz all around the web for what it can bring to this election. Twitter is already dominating this election, by fueling discussion and debate and this feature will only lead to more creative and stimulating debates throughout the Twitterverse.

In the days and weeks to come, Twindex is likely to prove useful in terms of seeing which candidate voters want to hear more from or which candidate is more in the news or trending.

What do you think of the Twindex? Good idea or bad idea?