There's a New 'Star Wars' Spinoff Movie Coming, and It's All About Han Solo


Disney and Lucasfilm are about to bring us a whole new kind of Solo movie.

The studios announced Tuesday The Lego Movie directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord would helm an origin story film about Star Wars' resident badass Han Solo. The movie is the latest effort in the Marvel-esque expansion of the Star Wars universe that also includes the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens film and other spinoffs.

But for fans of the original Star Wars trilogy, this announcement is special. This is the chance to get to know one of the universe's most mysterious characters on a deeper level.


Particularly significant is this film's timing. It hits screens long after the prequel trilogy — in which Han Solo is not featured — and a few years after The Force Awakens, in which Ford will have a supporting role. The new Star Wars movie will give the franchise a chance to make new Han Solo fans, and the spin-off film will excite enthusiasts new and old.

Questions left for this new movie: What will young Han Solo look like? We know he's a smuggler and a criminal before the fourth episode begins — what makes him that way? To even further appreciate the hero's story, fighting the Empire and falling in love, we need to know what made him who he is.


The Solo spinoff is set to hit theaters May 25, 2018. Casting is currently unknown, though there's already one name being bandied about. Though he's worked with Lord and Miller previously, any speculation is just a joke — for now.