This Hilarious Amy Schumer Sketch Makes an Important Point About Women Receiving Oral Sex


Another day, another frank Amy Schumer sketch about female sexuality. 

In a clip from this week's season finale of Inside Amy Schumer, the orgasm hero addressed the topic of cunnilingus.

"Let me go down on you, please," her bedmate asks at the beginning of the "Hiker Bones" sketch. Schumer relents, adding words of warning many women have likely uttered before:

"I should give you a heads up, it takes me a while."


When he finally gets down to business, her partner finds out what's really inside her: a hiking trail, treasure map, and dusty old skeleton.


Knowing dude is in for a bit of an odyssey, she finds ways to make the time pass above the covers, including catching up on her favorite Russian novel. 


A common insecurity: The sketch is hilarious, but it also reveals an important truth about some women's concerns while they're receiving oral sex. Sure, most women probably wouldn't be able to finish Crime and Punishment during an oral sex session, but it is true it generally takes a little longer for women to reach orgasm than men. According to research from Brown University, it usually takes women an average of 10 to 20 minutes to reach orgasm during foreplay or sex, compared to an average of 7 to 14 minutes for men. This, paired with a general lack of comfort in demanding sexual pleasure, can turn into something of a cock-block (or clit-block, as it were) for some women.

"I never climax," one woman wrote in to Bustle's advice column last year. "I always worry I'm taking too long so I just let him finish."

Even when a woman does accept her partner's offer to go down on her, it's often preceded by a disclaimer not unlike the one Schumer's character gave to her boyfriend before he started his journey through her V.

"We're so conditioned to give pleasure that receiving it for an extended period of time just makes us feel uncomfortable," one 20-something woman told Mic. "So I've said, 'Just to warn you, I might take a while' so many times."


Slow and steady wins the race: Schumer's sketch illuminates two important truths: That many women need more than a few minutes of foreplay to reach orgasm, and some of them might feel uncomfortable or self-conscious about that. But of course, it's totally OK for some women to take longer to climax than others, and that's not something that should require a disclaimer or apology beforehand. Schumer's sketch proves that women should stop saying things like "I should warn you, it takes me a while" during sex, and start saying things like, "Oh my God, have you met my clit?

Check out the full clip below: