Robin Williams' Last Movie, 'Boulevard,' Is in Theaters Now


He may have passed under a year ago, but Robin Williams' work has not yet been completed — until now. The late actor's final film performance, in an independent drama called Boulevard, opens Friday. It represents the last chance to see him make movie magic.

Prior to his passing, Boulevard might have gone unnoticed. The plot isn't typical for the funnyman: A sad loan officer in a loveless marriage falls in love with a gay hustler. What follows is a movie about self-discovery and why repressing who you are is never the right way to live.


From the trailer and reviews, it's clear Boulevard is a quiet, dour movie. It's not the comedic showcase one might expect for Williams' final film. It is notable, however, that Williams chose to revisit queer themes after previously exploring them in 1996's The Birdcage

While one could look at his movies like RV and Happy Feet and pin him as a family-friendly comedian, the truth is he's always explored darker elements in his work, from Dead Poets Society to Good Will Hunting. Even lighter works like Mrs. Doubtfire had gravitas beyond easy laughs.

Boulevard is a bittersweet finale for Williams simply because it wasn't meant to be one. It was supposed to be just another chapter in the increasingly diverse, challenging late filmography of an artist. Trying to draw any sort of meaning from it — how does this sum up Williams' career? — is futile. 

But Boulevard can be appreciated for what it is: one last chance to see a great man at work. 


Boulevard is in limited theaters now. Watch the trailer below.