JK Rowling Just Celebrated Serena Williams' Win With an Epic Tweet


Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling celebrated tennis player Serena Williams' sixth Wimbledon title by annihilating a sexist Twitter troll.

After Rowling posted a congratulatory tweet following Williams' historic win, Twitter user @diegtristan8 responded by mockingly attributing the tennis player's success to her being "built like a man."

Rowling had a fantastic response, telling the troll off for his body-shaming behavior.

As it turns out, Rowling is a bit of a Williams superfan — info that might have stayed this particular troll's hand. Earlier in the day, she even tweeted out this photo:

Another day, another victory in Rowling's unbroken record of excellent tweets, which have targeted everyone from anonymous misogynists to Rupert Murdoch.

As for Williams, she doesn't need to prove her authenticity to the haters. She now has a stunning 21 major women's and mixed tennis titles to prove it.