The Full-Length 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice' Comic-Con Trailer is Here


The latest trailer to Zack Snyder's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was released on Saturday — and it offers a more complete picture of why these two superheroes are fighting in the first place.

Fans who were disappointed in the final 45 minutes of Man of Steel, in which Superman (Henry Cavill) recklessly takes out supervillain General Zod by brutally leveling most of Metropolis, will be happy to know that Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) is equally displeased with Superman's track record of death and destruction. Apparently present during the battle, Wayne puts on his Batsuit to take revenge on Superman and take out a threat that could "wipe out the entire human race."

Meanwhile, Superman is faced with bitter opposition from Americans who consider him an "illegal alien."

"That's how it starts," cautions Wayne's butler Alfred Pennyworth, played by Jeremy Irons. "The fever, the rage ... that turns good men cruel."


The result, it looks like, will be another war between three super-powered combatants (Batman, Superman and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman) that levels an entire city.


Jesse Eisenberg is also present as villain Lex Luthor, whose machinations have yet to reveal themselves. But it's clear that he doesn't appreciate Superman's meddling in Earth's affairs.


This trailer has a lot more meat to it than the previous one, which left too many questions unanswered. But with the movie not premiering until April 2016, filmgoers will just have to wait and see whether Bat-fleck can pull it off.

Watch the full thing below: