Chick Fil A Anti Gay Stance Makes Me Want to Eat a Burger


Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A, would be proud of his son. I’m pretty sure Jesus would be less so.

It’s not so much that he shouldn’t have spoken his mind; we’re all used to the freedom we have to say what we want to say. It’s more a question of whether a business owner should ever go out of his way to alienate any segment of his customer base. At some level, you have to make a choice between selling fried chicken and talking about your interpretation of the bible. 

No doubt, there was a lot of chicken sold on August 1 to people who hate the idea of gays and lesbians being allowed to marry. I applaud them for standing up and eating a chicken sandwich for Jesus. What troubles me is that, more and more, this kind of behavior seems to be what Christians are all about.

Selective interpretations of the Bible just don’t stand up. Cathy claims to believe everything he reads in the Bible, and yet he eschews stoning as punishment for adultery. Or does he? He hasn't really said so. Take this as an example: The Bible says that if a groom discovers the woman he married is not a virgin, he should kill her. It really says that, but Cathy is perfectly fine  with selling fried chicken to men and women who have gone against the Bible in this regard, because they followed rules that he agrees with (except for the premarital sex part).

To be fair, he didn’t say he wanted queers to go somewhere else for their fried chicken, just that he believes they shouldn’t be allowed to marry. The Bible told him so.

I’m not a student of the Bible, so I don’t know whether chickens were created on day four or day five, but it’s probably in there somewhere. Jesus loves chickens; he loves all the creatures that he created, except for gay people, of course. According to Cathy, the queers are going to hell. Jesus hates them, right?

As for me, I’ll have a burger please.