Olympic Village Condoms: Why Ryan Lochte Needs More Than 100,000


For anyone wondering why the Olympic Village needs 100,000 condoms, Ryan Lochte’s mom has an answer: her son. The swimmer’s mother, Ike Lochte, revealed that her son likes one-night stands, preferring casual flings to the hassle of a monogamous relationship.

In an interview with Today, Mama Lochte said that her son spends so much time focusing on his career that he doesn’t have time to maintain a committed relationship. She said, “He goes out on one-night stands. He's not able to give fully to a relationship because he's always on the go.”

To be fair, this habit seems to make him a better swimmer. Lochte has already won nine Olympic medals and is on track to take down Michael Phelps in the 200-meter individual medley Thursday night. Maybe this intense concentration on swimming rather than settling down is what is giving Lochte the edge in so many of his races. His bachelor status also makes him even more of an entertaining athletic figure to watch.

Lochte has already been called one the London Olympics’ biggest heartthrobs and ladies are just clamoring to nail down the bachelor. The admission by Lochte’s mother only fans the flames of another rumor going around that the Olympian cutie is dating Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta star, K. Michelle. Michelle is a singer-songwriter who has been gotten more attention for her “keepin’ it real” ways than for her music. Nonetheless, the reality star recently admitted she’s dating a “white boy” and tweeted Lochte, calling him her “pooh.”

Whether Lochte is actually dating Michelle –– or anyone for that matter –– is still up for debate. That’s good news for his countless female fans, they still have a chance with the gold medal hunk; they just need to wait until he's out of that Olympic Village.