'Agent Carter' Star Hayley Atwell Has a Brilliant Response to Sexism on Sets


Hayley Atwell plays professional badass agent Peggy Carter on ABC's Agent Carter, but her character's penchant for takedowns bleeds into her own life as well

At a panel called "Women Who Kick Ass" held this past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, Atwell and the other panelists, including future Wonder Woman Gal Godot and American Horror Story's Kathy Bates, were asked about experiencing sexism on set. The question focused on having to correct lines they thought their characters wouldn't say.

Atwell, however, has had quite a different experience on set to share.


This isn't the first time Atwell has stood up to rampant sexism in the industry. She previously told Hitfix that sexism is alive and well in 2015 — just in a different form than we're used to.

"I think it's much harder these days to identify moments of sexism," she said. "Because they just have very sophisticated ways of hiding themselves."

It's unsurprising to say she's absolutely right. Marvel, the studio that produces Agent Carter, still hasn't hired a single female director for any of their movies. There's a lack of movies focusing on any comic book universe's female characters. Some of the biggest superhero stars casually slut-shame female characters. It's a dire situation, and it's not getting better.

That's why it's so important that we have people like Atwell and Cara Delevingne, who called out the skimpy outfits female superheroes often have to wear. They're calling out sexism where it lies every chance they get. Thanks to them, we may get a more inclusive superhero genre sooner versus later. 

Luckily, Atwell's outspoken attitude hasn't cursed her in Hollywood. She'll next be seen in Friday's new release Ant-Man, and season two of Agent Carter will kick off at midseason.

Watch the full "Women Who Kick Ass" panel from Comic-Con below.