This Spectacular New Yorker Cover Says Everything About the State of the GOP Primaries


In recent weeks, real-estate billionaire Donald Trump's entrance into Republican presidential politics has rapidly escalated from an odd sideshow into a growing insurgency defined more by its vicious attacks on establishment figures than anything else. He's dubbed undocumented Mexican immigrants "rapists," trashed his former business partners, seemingly ignored requests from senior Republicans to tone it down and all the while surged in some polls.

But the same tactics that are grabbing so much attention will eventually backfire.

As this fantastic new cover from the New Yorker illustrates, Trump's actions are a lot like that of a bully deliberately belly-flopping into a pool, doing his damndest to ruin everyone else's time — who cares if it's a bad idea, or even where he lands?

The New Yorker


Who knows how much time Trump has left until this inevitable plunge to rock bottom? His recent comments on veteran and Vietnam-era prisoner of war Sen. John McCain might prove too much. If not, something else will, or the weight of all the people Trump is alienating could once again push him to the political margins.

But for now, all eyes are still on Trump — perhaps to see whether he grimaces the instant before hitting the water just as much as how big the waves will be.