Colorado Obama vs Romney: Polls Show Voters Losing Faith for Election 2012


The war for votes rages on in the state of Colorado. 

As ads from both sides attempt to hit below the belt, the swing state continues to remain neutral to either candidate. In a recent “purple strategies” poll conducted on July 13, 2012, Obama was leading by just 1%, so the race still remains extremely close. According to a study conducted by Wesleyn Media, 70% of ads have so far been negative, compared to only 9% in 2008. Colorado has witnessed this event unfold with ads criticizing Romney’s overseas bank account and outsourcing of American jobs to Obama’s absurd spending and government bailouts. The list of issues can go on forever, but one concept remains certain: Voters are fed up. 

Voters are beginning to feel as if it no longer matters who really occupies the White House. They feel the problem,is all about changing the way government operates and the way we make our elected officials accountable for their actions. Colorado shows more sympathy than other states when it comes to this concept. Those who live in Colorado realize that the independent vote can amount to something. Without the independents, neither side can be very successful nor becoming a predominant face for the state.

“The real fight will not be the Presidential Election of 2012, it will be the continuing battle to put good people in office and reform both parties from the local to the federal level ... I do have some hope that the seeds of political change will start to take a more solid root for the future,” said Colorado resident Chris Kazmierczak

Steve Collier believes this election is, “much more important than the 2008 campaign. The very direction of this nation, from a more quasi-socialist government dependency society versus a capitalist, free-market system, is at the heart of it.”

Either way, most voters are realizing that this election is becoming an important event in the wake of recent history. As freedoms are continuing to whither, the dollar continues to decline and spending continues to spiral out of control, people want real change and certainly not rhetoric some candidate uses to get elected.