50 Shades of Grey Movie Cast: 21 Latino Hunks Who Could Play the Rival of Christian Grey


There’s been much speculation about who should be cast as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel in the upcoming film version of E.L. James’ erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey

And though several high profile actors and actresses – Ryan Gosling, Emma Watson, Matt Bommer, Mila Kunis, Alexander Skarsgard and Rooney Mara, among others – have been mentioned as potential casts for the roles of the sexually dominant business tycoon and the innocent student, how about the rest of the cast? 

Who would be the perfect choice to play Kate Kavanagh – Anastasia’s sassy college roommate – and what about Jose Luis Rodriguez – the hunky Latino photographer who is interested in Steel but whom she seems to keep in the “friend zone”? 

Jose, the aspiring art photographer who ends up photo shooting intimidating Christian Grey for the profile/interview on Steel and Kavanagh’s school newspaper, is an important character in the book as he plays Christian Grey's nemesis in the quest for Anastasia's interest. 

Following, 21 Hollywood Latino hunks who could play Jose Rodriguez in Fifty Shades of Grey:

1. Carlos Peña:

2. Victor Rasuk:

3. Shiloh Fernandez:

4. Michael Trevino:

5. Kevin Alejandro:

6. Tyler Posey:

7. Diego Boneta:

8. Walter Perez:

9. Jesse Garcia:

10. Jerry Hernandez:

11. Mario Lopez:

12. Frankie Muniz:

13. Danny Pino:

14. Enrique Iglesias:

15. Diego Luna:

16. Gael Garcia Bernal:

17. Eduardo Verastegui:

18. Nasser Laseh:


19. William Levy:


20. Adam Rodriguez:

21. Ryan Guzman: