Taylor Swift Conor Kennedy: New Country Music Hits Will Follow New Mansion


It’s been said that the best music is inspired by real life events, and for country music star Taylor Swift this has been the key to her success.

As the top earner on the Forbes list of highest-paid stars under 30, the 22-year-old Swift has made a name for herself with her ability to resonate with her fans. This talent is attributed to the fact that Swift writes all of her own music, meaning any ballad that tells the tale of a broken-hearted girl comes from the singer’s own experience.

With the money she’s earned and her celebrity status, one would think that everything would be roses and wine for the star. Like any girl, however, Swift still experiences heartache. Yet she is able capitalize on each failed relationship by sharing her stories of love and loss in the form of a hit song. Swift has openly admitted that her ex-boyfriends inspire many of the songs she writes. This includes “Forever and Always” about Disney channel star Joe Jonas, a reference to John Mayer in “Dear John,” and “Back in December” is a rumored apology to Taylor Lautner. These songs are in addition to the countless others, like “Teardrops on My Guitar” that she’s penned about boys from her younger years.

Aside from her public breakups, Swift still has had to deal with loss love in another form. Recently is has been made public that Swifts’ parents are getting a divorce. Although she hasn’t made any statements about the matter, her feelings on the subject will undoubtedly be reflected in her upcoming album, which has many songs that she describes as “sad.” She goes on to say that the album is about “moving on,” which speaks the songwriter’s penchant for using her private life to influence her music, which only makes her die-hard fans feel more connected to her. This kind of vulnerability is not often seen in singers, especially ones as young as her -- but it has worked to her benefit.

On the bright side, her relationship with Conor Kennedy has been heating up all summer. The two recently began seeing each other and this relationship comes after Swift’s fling with Kennedy’s cousin, Patrick Schwarzenegger. The songstress even bought a $4.9 million house across the street from Kennedy's home in Hyannis Port, Mass. Hopefully, this new relationship (and new home) is enough to heal Swift’s broken heart. If not, it’ll definitely be enough for another chart-topping single.