Matt McGorry Just Showed the World What a Male Feminist's Sex Life Really Looks Like


If you have any questions as to how a male feminist might approach his sex life, you'll want to take a gander at Matt McGorry's Twitter timeline.

The Orange is the New Black heartthrob recently shared his philosophy via a 10-tweet series of MFTBs (Male Feminist Truth Bombs) in response to a question from Pitch Perfect actress Kether Donohue.

But he decided to take a stab at it anyway:

This is all part of a nuanced and complex discussion. As McGorry says, being male and actually practicing feminist principles in the dating world is a lot less straightforward than it seems. It means being self-aware and understanding how your actions impact others, as well as having a nuanced understanding of the motivations behind women's sexual choices. Clearly, McGorry gets that from a woman's perspective, the decision to have sex can be just as empowering as the decision not to — a crucial distinction many people have trouble understanding

If nothing else, McGorry's tweets prove that being a male feminist isn't as simple as merely proclaiming yourself one. Because to truly be an effective feminist ally, you have to understand not only what feminism really means, but also how your own actions impact those around you. 

It's worth noting that this isn't McGorry's first foray into Twitter activism. Just last week, he treated followers to a 10-tweet series (boyfriend has a knack for 1,400-character statements) of thoughts on the #BlackLivesMatter movement. 

McGorry has also made numerous public statements on how he sees his role as a male feminist. Earlier this year, he aligned himself with the #FreeTheNipple campaign on Instagram by photoshopping female nipples onto his own, and he also appeared with Mic's Elizabeth Plank in a video schooling viewers about the male feminist movement.

As McGorry notes in his latest tweets, race and feminism are complex real-world topics that extend far beyond the world of social media. But we're glad he's not shying away from starting these crucial discussions. Now, if only we could get Twitter to create a 1,400-character McGorry plug-in.

h/t Cambio