Here's Why the Internet Should Stop Freaking Out About Kylie Jenner's "Eat Me Out" Shirt


Kylie Jenner is once again raising eyebrows on the Internet, and not for her hair or her lips. This time, the 17-year-old Jenner sister updated her Snapchat story and posted a few videos of herself wearing a tank top that read "Eat Me Out," parodying the In-N-Out Burger logo.

The Internet was none too pleased.

As much of Twitter noted, Jenner is still 17, meaning below the "age of consent" as defined in most states in the United States. But contrary to what some Twitter users noted, she's not "a little girl."

This isn't nearly the first (or second or seventh...) time a celebrity has used clothing to directly allude to sex, and it tends to be eyebrow-raising regardless of age. Rihanna, who sings and speaks openly about her sexuality, still drew attention for a t-shirt that referenced masturbation, while Miley Cyrus has worn her fair share of controversial graphic tees, including one reading "Sex, Drugs and Rap."

Jenner might have been vying for similar attention with her shirt (which the Internet still hasn't been able to ID). But when it comes to talking about sex or pleasure, Jenner is also reflecting a viewpoint aligned with much of her generation. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, young people have sex for the first time, on average, at 17. Oral sex, the CDC reports, is also common for teens: "45% of females and 48% of males aged 15 to 19 years [have] had oral sex with members of the opposite sex." 

Teen sex isn't always safe sex, which is why education is key. But when it comes to sexual pleasure — and pleasure from oral sex for women, in particular — the message of Jenner's shirt itself shouldn't be so controversial. Women enjoy oral sex, and they understand sexual pleasure at a younger age than most people realize. 

And as an advocate for the female orgasm, arguably no one has a bigger platform than a Jenner.