Ed's Lobster Bar: The Best Seafood You Have Ever Had


Born and raised in New York City, Chef Ed McFarland started his culinary journey at the age of 17 at a Staten Island pizzeria. Today, McFarland owns Ed’s Lobster Bar, located in SoHo and the Lower East Side, as well Caravelli’s pizzeria in the World Financial Center.

Ed is always in action; he runs all his places and if you ask his staff when the chef is expected, the answer will be “he is coming in the next 30 minutes.” When he shows up, he will walk the tables to say hello to his friends and regulars. He has sky-blue eyes and his smile is so friendly that it gives you a moment of confidence that helps get you into a great mood.

Ed is a great combination of a gifted chef and a savvy businessman. Since the opening of Ed’s Lobster Bar in 2007, he has transformed the place on Lafayette Street into a busy lunch destination. At night, the bar is full with regulars and enthusiastic new guests, soon to become part of Ed’s big, happy family.

This isn’t surprising. Comfort is always subconscious; you can enjoy your meal cooked to perfection, but what will make it unforgettable will be in the little details – atmosphere, service, the rest of the diners – and in here it’s all done right. As soon as you walk into the restaurant you are welcomed by the smell in the air, layered with the aromas of freshly prepared seafood – sweet, salty and creamy. One glance is enough to understand that people dining in this restaurant know very well why they are here.

The majority come for the famous lobster rolls, others strictly for the grilled fish or the clam chowder. Whatever you chose to order – bucket of steamers, crab and artichoke dip, served in a glazed clay dish cooked to perfection with white toast or steamed lobster (you have to start with some oysters) – the selection is modest yet truly remarkable.

For the August issue of MAZA Chef Ed McFarland prepared three amazing summer recipes – grilled fillet of striped bass with corn ragout, garden tomato salad and the lobster rolls I’m addicted to. Ed also shared some thoughts about good food, favorite places in New York City, and what it takes to have a successful restaurant.

Natalia Tordorova: Where did you grow up?

NT: How did you learn to cook?

NT: When did you decide to become a chef?

NT: If you were not a chef, what profession would you choose?

NT: Challenges of opening a restaurant?

NT: What does it take to have a successful restaurant?

NT: Favorite fisherman? Where does the lobster come from?

NT: What differentiates Ed’s Lobster Bar from the rest of the lobster places?

NT: What’s the secret of having the restaurant staff always so happy and friendly?

NT: Favorite ingredient?

NT: Favorite food?

NT: Favorite Bar?

NT: Recent food discovery?

NT: Which place you want to visit next?

NT: Local place you love to go to and you don’t want to change?

NT: Favorite brunch spot?

NT: Favorite Chef?

NT: Where do you go for a treat?

NT: Place you want to eat at?

NT: What is your childhood memory of a homemade comfort dish?

Lobster Roll

Behind each recipe lies a secret. No more secrets. Start practicing and if you still can't get it right, you can always go to Ed's Lobster Bar. 

Garden Tomato Salad

All the ingredients were hand-harvested from Ed’s garden. The result is the quintessence of summer - fresh and tasty, boosted with vitamins

Grilled Fillet of Striped Bass with Corn Ragout 

There so many reasons to learn how to cook, and this recipe is one of them. Pair it with a great

bottle of chilled and crispy white wine and you will have a mesmerizing night.

Find the recipes at the August issue of MAZA Cooking Journals, our iPad magazine available for free from the iTunes Store. Or go to www.mazamag.com

Ed’s Lobster Bar

222 Lafayette Street,

New York, NY 10012

(212) 343-3236