How Young Women Are Creating a New Look This Fall

Fall signals a fresh start.

Even if you aren't headed back to school, fall is a time to reinvent yourself — whether that's diving into a new job, ditching that summer fling or getting more done besides Netflix marathons. The first place many women look is their wardrobe. 

We spoke with young women on how they're reinventing their looks for fall. Here's how they're creating a new look for themselves this season:

Short boots


It wouldn't be fall without a good pair of boots. Some women prefer to invest in tall, dark brown or black boots to make any jeans-and-sweater outfit look more put together, but don't underestimate the power of the short boot. Sydney Weinshel, a senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, says short is the way to go between seasons.

"Tall boots are more wintry. Short boots are a good summer-fall transition shoe for me," Weinshel told Mic. "They need a little bit of a heel but not too much. They're perfect, because you can wear them out or during the day. And they have to be black."

The black Chelsea boot, also a staple last year, is trending on the social commerce website Polyvore. Other colors like a deep green or a navy blue mesh well with fall tones and can add some color to darker outfits.  

Make it military 

Fashion trends from the '90s are making a comeback this season, and that includes everything military, from dark green jackets and parkas to combat and lace-up boots. The army greens and browns are automatic fall colors, but the harsh military look is becoming even more popular on and off the runway.

"Combat boots and military jackets are things that I recently bought and am excited to incorporate for the fall," Danielle Noriega, a 24-year-old young professional in Chicago, told Mic. "It's kind of a fun nod to Daria. It's just an effortless cool look, and both are warm and comfortable, so they're weather appropriate." 

Menswear for women

Antonio Calanni/Kathy Willens/AP

Oversized comfy sweaters and lots of layers are fall essentials, but this year, women's fashion is adding a new spin to "oversized" by taking pieces from men's closets, literally. Oversized menswear for women is popping up all over, and oversized is always comfortable. On the runway, men are joining women's fashion shows to add to the menswear look, and, off the runway, new pieces are becoming available for women to stock up on. 

"Menswear is really professional looking," Weinshel said. "It's becoming more popular to wear professional menswear tailored for women; that's very in right now. I'm looking for a light menswear overcoat for fall." 

Longer hemlines 

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Short skirts are perfect for warmer weather in spring and summer, and the traditional fall pencil skirt can be constricting. This season, many women are going for longer and more open hemlines to add some room to their fall wardrobe. Taking another page out of '90s style guides, longer hemlines are both weather appropriate and more freeing. Why go stiff when your whole skirt could flow? 

"I'm excited for longer hemlines with skirts that are coming back into style," New York City resident Jessica Smith, 23, told Mic

Longer hemlines, specifically the midi hem that hits right above or right below the knee, can look more traditional and straight like these, or they can add a bit more character like this series of flowing "happy hemlines" featured in Elle

Statement jewelry 

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Big statement pieces in bright colors can complement darker fall clothing. Adding a bright piece of jewelry to make the undertones pop is helping young women complete their look, from chunky necklaces to big earrings.

"I still love delicate jewelry, but I feel like huge statement pieces are coming back, especially earrings," Smith said. "Now that I live somewhere where everyone only wears black, this is much more doable." 

Large brooches and clips are making a strong appearance this fall, and statement earrings are following closely behind. Both can give any darker outfit some much-needed sparkle.  

A whole lot of gray

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Gray is taking over the runway in preparation for fall, and it'll soon be taking over our closets. Monochromatic gray suits and outfits are popular, but gray also can mesh well with other dark fall colors to complement an outfit. Taylor Hurst, a 25-year-old young professional living in Washington, D.C., is ready to update her fall wardrobe with plenty of gray tones. It's practical, it layers well and it'll transition easily into the next season. 

"I love gray in the fall, because you can wear it with anything," Hurst said. "My new strategy has been buying clothes that I can wear in both fall and winter, in colors that are appropriate for both seasons, so gray is great for that."

From choosing a signature fall color like gray or selecting statement pieces of jewelry to help darker tones stand out, young women are updating their wardrobe this fall with renewed and new fashion trends.

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