Obama Fundraising Gone Wrong: Secret Service Force Swimmers Off of a Public Beach


King BO has no problem inconveniencing hundreds of his subjects (like any other royal) when it comes to raising money or for any other personal reason. On Monday, he flew to Connecticut for a fundraiser at the Stamford Marriott Hotel. Afterwards, attended a fundraiser at Harvey Weinstein’s mansion ($35,800/plate). Weinstein is a movie mogul responsible for many hit films including Gangs of New York, The Artist, Inglorious Basterds and Kill Bill (1&2).

BO likes to hobnob with certain 1 percenters and celebs that , in this case, included Anne Hathaway, Aaron Sorkin, Joanne Woodward and Anna Wintour. The only problem is that this presidential invasion putout hundreds of people who were not able to go to Sherwood Island State Park or to Burying Hill Beach to swim and enjoy the sun. The local municipalities also forwent revenues from the action. Both were be closed for “security reasons.”

The local Republicans think it is outrageous for so many citizens to be denied access to the park and beachs, especially since both are maintained with taxpayer money. But, neither BO nor Weinstein gives a crap about the uninvited nobodies. Nothing can stand in the way of BO collecting more money for his negative assault against his opponent. 

The local Democrats indicated that Bill Clinton also “used the Sherwood park twice for trips that included fundraising events.” Westport Selectman Gordon Joseloff said, “I don’t like to inconvenience the public to any degree. But, I understand that security is paramount.” So, he has gone along with the plan. Surprise, surprise.

I wonder which genius in the BO campaign came up with these logistics, to close down two beaches for campaign cash. What a stupid idea. It would be different if the president were visiting on official business. But for a fundraiser, in which 1 percenters, and some .1 percenters, will be forking over big money to kiss presidential butt, the affair, and its impact on the community, is unacceptable.

And, who is paying for this junket anyway, the BO campaign or taxpayers? Seems to me, if BO is attending two affairs to raise money, I should not be picking up the tab.

A few years ago, I was vacationing in Vail when Michelle Obama and kids swooped into town in a wide body jet. Some of the locals were beside themselves about the cost of this vacation for the wife and kids. Why didn’t the First Lady use a smaller plane? Was she in Vail to conduct affairs of state? I don’t think so. She was photographed skiing with the girls every day.

One of the things that I find particularly objectionable is that the Obamas are so affected by their status. BO is not king and Mrs. BO is not queen. If you want every American to be more modest, why don’t you practice what your preach?