Ashley Madison Leak: List of Cheating Cities Reveals Which Places Had the Most Cheaters


Infidelity knows no borders. 

The release of tens of millions of email addresses supposedly linked to users of the extramarital dating site Ashley Madison has revealed where the most alleged adulterers lived, or at least in which cities they set up their accounts, according to Business Insider and Dadaviz

Among the cities with the highest number of Ashley Madison accounts were Sao Paulo, New York, Sydney and Toronto. 


The hacker group threatened to make the personal information of the site's users, including their "profiles with all the customers' secret sexual fantasies and matching credit card transactions, real names and addresses," public.

They appeared to have made good on that promise Wednesday, posting the email addresses and personal info of tens of millions of Ashley Madison users to the so-called Dark Web, the part of the Internet not available to the general public but that users can access using certain software or configurations. There are now several websites available for people to search email addresses to see if they were included in the Ashley Madison leak. 

Among the email accounts exposed through the hack were thousands of U.S. government and military emails as well as those of dozens of U.K. defense officials, according to the Telegraph