50 Shades of Grey Movie: 13 International Hunks Who Could Play Christian Grey That Are Not Ryan Gosling


Ryan Gosling is still the front-runner to play the infamous millionaire in the inevitable 50 Shades of Grey movie. Due to the graphic nature of the book, the big screen adaptation will surely make some changes in the script to make it more palatable for moviegoers. That said, if changes are going to be made in the big screen version of the book, it's time to think about the (color) lines when it comes to casting as well. There are plenty of actors of color, like Denzel Washington and Will Smith, who have portrayed characters that were originally intended to be white. Gosling doesn't even look like the sketch of Christian Grey, so let's give another up-and-comer the chance to show his ... talent onscreen for the world to see. 

Here's a list of 13 actors who could handle the role of Christian Grey if given the chance.

1. Jesse Williams

Best known for playing Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey's Anatomy, he's definitely got that Christian Grey-esque smoldering look down.

2. Diego Boneta

The Mexican heartthrob is a singer and an actor. He's a little young to play Grey, but his ardent fanbase from 90210 and Rock of Ages would flock to theatres. 

3. Mehcad Brooks

He's a familiar face, with guest-starring roles on hits Desperate Housewives and Trueblood, and the above picture definitely proves that the man could pull off Grey's trademark suit.

4. Harry Shum, Jr.

He's already proven himself a triple threat on Glee, and his expanded role in the previous season showed that the boy can handle drama, too. 

5. Laz Alonso

We already know the man is can handle the pressure of being a leading man, so there is little doubt that he could bring some real gravitas to the character of Christian Grey.  

6. Daniel Henney

His name isn't very well known, but the Korean-American actor has plenty of experience acting with roles in hit movies like X-Men Origins: Wolverine and in Korean television dramas. 

7. Ivan Shaw













Shaw is Taiwanese-American actor who got his start on the daytime soap, All My Children. If Shaw can handle the overwrought drama of the soap opera world, then he's definitely ready to take on the over-the-top plot of 50 Shades.

8. William Levy

The Cuban actor has already been named People en Espanol's hottest man of the year, giving him the confidence to pull of Grey's cocky appeal. 

9. Hrithik Roshan

His name may be a little hard to pronounce, but the man is beloved in India, starring in many of the most popular Bollywood musicals. Maybe he could give Grey some spicy new moves in the movie. 

10. Kuno Becker

The Mexican hottie got his start in telenovelas and crossed over to the mainstream with his role in Goal! 

11. Lanny Joon

Best known for his role in Takers, Joon also has a strong following from his work a few Korean television series. That said, his fresh face could bring an interesting element to the troubled character of Grey.

12. Marcus Patrick

Patrick is no stranger to baring it all in front a camera. The actor was actually fired from Days of Our Lives after he appeared in Playgirl, which means he'll probably have no problem getting into character for all the steamy scenes with him and whichever lucky actress gets to play Anastasia. 

13. Michael Trevino

The son of Mexican immigrants, the actor is best know for his role on Vampire Diaries. His charming persona and baby face do embody the spirit of Grey's suave character.