Cancel Your Plans for the Rest of the Day Because This GIF-Making App Is That Much Fun


Giphy, an Internet GIF search engine, released an app into the world called GIPHY CAM. What does it do? It's a cam app that makes GIFs. Why did you even ask? 

It's very easy to use. You open it up, select a great overlay like animated fire, a bunny mask or money falling out of the sky, and hit record. You no longer have to look on another popular meme and think, "It me." Now you can add your video reaction to anything, complete with very realistic special effects.

Jack Smith IV/Mic

That's it, friend. You can save it to your camera roll, tweet it, send it in iMessage (where it automatically animates), email it, whatever. You can flip the camera around and catch your coworkers off-guard. This is Max, who sits next to me and does real work while I screw around on my phone:

Jack Smith IV/Mic

Some of the overlays lend themselves to special occasions, like a birthday cake that lets you blow out the candles, or a thank-you card to let someone know how much you care:

Jack Smith IV/Mic

So, yes, today is now canceled. Just download this app and be prepared to spend the rest of your working hours throwing animated mustaches on your coworkers, and sending those GIFs all over the Internet.

Be careful — your coworkers might catch you off-guard:

And if your boss has beef? Send them this: