15 No-Bullshit Truths About Getting Dressed When You Have Your Period


Let's get this straight: There's no "right" or "wrong" way to dress while on your period. In fact, there's no shame in having a period at all — even if your pad falls out (just handle it with grace, like this singer) or if you suffer a leak, even during a marathon

After all, #PeriodsAreNotAnInsult, thank you very much.

So feel free to not give two fucks about how you dress while on your period. But as more and more women are proudly reminding the world, we still have to deal with them — whether we are ready to or not. And that often comes into conflict with our wardrobes:

So Mic asked the ladies of Tumblr how having their period affects how they dress. Because let's be real: Blood happens — and when it does, so do yoga pants. 

When the bloating arrives, cue the potato-sack clothing.

"All the clothing that doesn't fit for one week each month because bloating happens." — literaturestudentsunite 

"I don't wear pants or tight skirts at all when I'm on period. No pale or light colors either. I feel all bloated and gross and I bleed heavily, so I almost always bleed on what I'm wearing. My period pretty much runs what I wear." — hamletisdead

"No tight clothes if the cramps are still there. I'm in college now, so during my period, I mostly dress like a potato sack for a few days." — thenewmodernsouljah 

That is, unless you're a strictly pants girl, to ensure everything stays in place.

"No shorts. No dresses. Just pants. (I used to have extremely heavy periods before I went on the pill, so I learned this from experience.)" — elisabethjilliscool 

"I won't wear ... anything really tight or too loose (don't want my pad shifting out of place), I choose specific undergarments, I usually avoid dresses and skirts." — sweetdani2274

"Listen, if I'm on my period, I hardly get dresse[d]. I don't care if it's your wedding, I'm wearing yoga pants (black, of course... just in case)."  crazygoodfun

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When in doubt, all-black everything. Wearing white is like baiting Mother Nature.

"Why does wearing white seem to signal to Mother Nature that you should get your period? And not have a tampon/pad or anything else that can help?"— hamletisdead

"If I'm on my period, I never wear anything pale. I've had too many good pairs of jeans ruined by that monthly hell." crystalcranium 

"I won't wear light-colored bottoms." — sweetdani2274

"No white, ever. Actually, no color other than black or very very dark gray."  — elisabethjilliscool 

"I always wear a tampon, but I never wear white or light colors." — thenewmodernsouljah 

Winter clothes are kinder than summer clothes. 

"Getting dressed while bleeding is a non-issue in the cold weather months, because the fabrics are heavy enough and dark enough to hide any potential leaks/stains. Thick pants help keep pants in place and well-hidden, and long sweaters provide extra camouflaging security. Bleeding in the summer is hell because Day 2 and Day 3 make tampon-wearing futile. Light colors and light fabrics? Pffftttt." — athenagray

"I got mine the day I got to the beach this summer. Wrecked our beach plans that day, and I spent the rest of the week navigating where the nearest bathrooms were. Bled through two suits, a cover-up and a beach towel." — door

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Periods don't discriminate — your fancy undies are just as likely to get ruined as your $5 ones.

"Every single month, underwear is ruined by a night time onslaught of heavy bleeding. Since I realized I suck at anticipating my period, I don't ever spend more than 5 pounds on packs of underwear." — tinkertylersoldierspy 

"All underwear are 'period panties.' They are all stained." — eekwinn