Why Ron Paul Supporters Must Support Gary Johnson Today In Order to Change Election 2012


Last week, I wrote an article outlining how Ron Paul supporters could impact the campaign of Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson by turning their efforts to help Johnson reach 15% in national polls, thus qualifying for the presidential debates. The first presidential debate is eight weeks away. If Gary Johnson is to be on the stage for the debate on October 3, the time for Ron Paul supporters to raise their voices is now.

One Ron Paul supporter who is a contributor on Reddit came to this decision. I believe his explanation as to why will resonate with others.

While some say, and historically they are correct, that even if a third party candidate is polling in the high single digits early in the campaign season, that support rarely holds. Ross Perot was one exception. Given the current feelings of independents and some party regulars, if Gary Johnson can get his views on the issues known, he could be another, but with an even greater impact.

Nevada is considered a swing state. On Sunday, August 12, the Reno Gazette-Journal will be running an article “Can Libertarian candidate Gary John­son play spoiler in the battleground state of Nevada?” They will also highlight the Libertarian Party in the state. This is a solid indication that in Nevada, Gary Johnson is being taken seriously.

Gary Johnson challenges people to let him prove they are Libertarians. As the campaign moves forward more people will accept that challenge and be surprised. Ron Paul supporters don’t need this challenge, but they do need to act now if they want others to have the chance. If Paul supporters have any doubts, Gary Johnson will be speaking at PaulFest before the GOP Convention.