Michigan Primary Results: Pete Hoekstra and Gary Peters Win Big


Tuesday's Michigan primary results have been calculated and they are quite interesting. The Detroit Institute for Arts property tax passed in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties, while former U.S. representative Pete Hoekstra defeated Clark Durant in the Republican primary, and Representative Gary Peters ousted Hansen Clarke for the Michigan’s 14thCongressional district.

According to Mlive.com's article by Tim Martin, Hoekstra will have a difficult race against incumbent Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow. Having already served two terms and a huge base of followers, it may be difficult for Hoekstra to compete against Stabenow. If Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney receives sufficient support from Michigan voters, that may be an advantage for Hoekstra.

The millage passing for the Detroit Institute of Arts has shown that Michiganders still value the importance of culture and arts. With the chance of the DIA closing down, members of the county who made $100,000 annually would only be required to pay $20 extra on their taxes for the millage to pass. In return for paying the taxes, residents of Macomb, Wayne and Oakland counties will receive free admission. This shows promise for the DIA and will allow for creativity to flow and continue helping the development of arts.

The implications of Gary Peters winning the 14th district means that an area largely populated by minorities will lose one of their black representatives according to Jonathan Oosting.

The Michigan primaries had low turnout rates throughout all counties. The younger generation still seems to show low interest. Hopefully the interest of millennial Michiganders in the political campaign will spark once arriving on campus as they see the political excitement. Obama’s successful visit in 2008 at Michigan State University seemed to be a positive result, If Romney takes a page out of Obama’s book, he will make sure to visit campuses and.

All in all, the elections proved to be interesting. What is imperative is that either presidential candidate put focus on an important swing state and increase enthusiasm in hopes of a higher turnout rate.