You Should Probably Watch This Adorable Video of Little Girls Giving Men Texting Advice


An ancient Talmudic sage once said, "I believe the children are the future. Teach them well and let them lead the way." This wise dictum also applies to matters of the heart, if this adorable video of kids giving men romantic texting advice is any indication. 

Created by the good folks at Cosmopolitan, the young ladies give men the answers to such burning questions as: What should you do when it takes a girl too long to text back:


How to navigate Tinder:


Emoji etiquette:


And the importance of using erudite humor to court a lady:


Considering how much we freak out about texting etiquette, it kinda makes you wonder: Would dating really be so stressful if we just let these ladies run the show? 

You can watch the video below. Try not to pass out at your desk from too much cuteness.

H/T Cosmopolitan