Obama v Romney in Colorado: Rhetoric Between 2 Candidates in Key Swing State Getting Heated


“I’m Mitt Romney, and I approve this message”

I swear, if I hear this again it will be too soon. But then, just as I begin to forget about how bitter this election season is going to be, it comes back to remind me.

“This ad paid for by Americans for Prosperity PAC.”

While living in the Rocky mountains, the heart of ski country, is normally quite relaxing, this year it reminds me of a true battlefield. Maybe the massive blasting of political ads on my television, on YouTube, and all over the radio is what it really means to try to win “hearts and minds,” but this time we can’t throw stones at what we don’t want around us.

First off, let me make this disclaimer: Battleground states are not the only ones being bombarded, and I know this. However, being in the political “no-man’s land” in a GOP versus Democrat trench war does leave one feeling as though they should armor up, find the nearest bomb shelter, and avoid TV at all costs. Does the incumbent really have to remind us every 10 minutes that this presumptive challenger is God-awful rich? Does Romney really have to plaster commercials of himself driving a pickup truck on my TV to get me to think that he is just like me (even though I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that he isn’t anywhere near as poor as I am)? 

It seems that the answer I receive is a resounding, even forceful, “Yes, now shut it and listen.” What is interesting is that, at least for the time being, Romney is blasting the airwaves more that Obama is, even though he is holding a 3-5 point advantage in the latest polls. Who they ask in these polls is beyond me, as I have not met a single person who was actually asked what they thought by anyone other than at the local drunken political analyst at the bar.

We have a little time left before things get really interesting (read: aggressive), so every now and then I’ll update you all, hopefully giving everyone an idea of just how much things ramp up before November.

Until next time, keep your heads down, and hope to avoid the inevitable political firefight.