Michael Phelps Girlfriend: Swimmer Asks Megan Rossee to Stop Working as a Waitress


Megan Rossee, Michael Phelps' model and former cocktail waitress girlfriend, won't be serving drinks to potentially obnoxious drunks at nightclubs anymore thanks to the champ’s generous offer/request to stop cocktail-watressing and accompany him in his quest for worldwide fun and fame -- now that the swimmer has decided to hang his Speedo.  

And, just like Fifty Shades of Grey's Anastasia Steel,  the 25-year-old beauty was happy to comply by walking to her boss and pronounce the magic words "I quit." 

Rossee, who worked at Hollywood, California, nightclub BLOK, let her bosses know about her departure "almost immediately after the news of her and Michael broke." The news will surely fuel the rumors of Rossee as “a gold digger” who supposedly will mine for gold in golden boy Michael Phelps' success. But in her defense, he may want her to.  

“Michael no longer wants his girlfriend working in that environment,” a source says, and will "cover any expenses she has until her modeling and acting career take off.” Obviously, the most condecorated Olympian ever wouldn't want his girlfriend "in that kind of scene," being hit on all night by obnoxious types. And since, like Christian Grey, he also would want her to travel with him at all times, there's no subjecting to a nightclub-demanding schedule. 

And the next stop might be the Maldives, as Phelps and his entourage will take a vacation in the paradise-like destination. After that, Phelps would want to take Rossee on a separate trip "anywhere in the world she wants."