Alex Morgan Boyfriend: Servando Carrasco is the Luckiest Man in the Soccer World


Alex Morgan, the American soccer player and Olympic Gold medalist, who led the United States’ female soccer team to victory in the London 2012 Olympics final match against Japan, has become quite the sex symbol – especially since her Sports Illustrated 2012 body painting pictures.

And, as it’s customary, the young, good looking and vital athlete has awaken male sports fans’ curiosity regarding her personal life – especially her dating life, now that the inspirational figure has and her team have conquered Olympic gold, and have extra time to relax and enjoy themselves before restarting their rigorous practices.

But to male fans’ disappointed, Morgan is not alone. The forward for Seattle Sounders Women and member of the US Women's National Team, who was also named the youngest player on the USA's roster at the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup (where the U.S. lost to Japan in the final), is dating fellow footballer Servando Carrasco – who plays for the Seattle Sounders FC. The soccer duo met as freshmen at the University of California, Berkeley, and they've been going out ever since (approximately four years, or more!).

Carrasco (23) was born in Coronado, California, and grew up in Tijuana, Mexico (while going to school in San Diego, California). He played for the San Diego Surf Soccer Club, dubbed one of the most competitive soccer clubs in the state until he was 19 – when he joined the Sounders.

And Morgan may owe some of her success to her boyfriend, who reportedly persuaded the Sounders to take on Morgan on the women's league by speaking to the women's general manager Amy Carnell on behalf of Morgan (and the rest is history). 

However (and here’s a silver lining for all of Morgan’s make admirers) Morgan’s stardom allegedly has become an issue for the soccer power couple, as Carrasco has reportedly felt upstaged by Morgan.   

"We talked about the attention I was getting and the interviews he was having to do about me, which I can understand would get frustrating," Morgan said while addressing the couple’s “rough patch.”