Obama Gave Guns to Drug Cartels, Romney Got Cash From Kill Squads: One is a Bigger Deal Than the Other


Left leaning website Democracy Now has run with a story linking the start-up money Mitt Romney used to found Bain Capital from Central American millionaires who have "extensive" ties to death squads that roamed El Salvador in the 1980s. Democracy Now says that as much as 40% of Bain's start-up money came from these Central American oligarchs who were looking for new investment vehicles in the states. They go even further to say that Romney knew of these connections, and had "misgivings" about accepting their money, but needed funding so, as all rich people seem to do, according to liberals, brushed morality aside to take the money.

The ridiculousness of this story will expose itself on its own. It is so outlandish Romney doesn't need to do much, defensively, to deal with it. However, it has opened up a perfect opportunity to bring up a certain bit of news that has faded over the last few weeks: Operation Fast and Furious.

Liberals don't like that Romney took money from Central American murderers? Well they probably hate it that Obama's administration sold Central American murderers thousands of working automatic weapons, and didn't bother to even track them! Last I checked, when you sell someone a gun, you are taking their money as well. So not only did Obama take their money, but he also gave them guns, so they could murder even more people, including at least one American citizen. At least Romney just took their money to help make other Americans rich. What did Obama's program accomplish, other than mass murder and assistance so the drug wars could expand even further in Mexico and into the American Southwest?

Furor over this issue has faded in recent weeks since Obama invoked Executive Privledge to cover up Attorney General Eric Holder's involvement and potentially his own involvement in this, frankly, impeachable fiasco. Forget college transcripts, how about demanding those documents?

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