Backpacks Are the Only Thing We Ever Need From a Fashion Runway


You can now feel really, really good about whipping out your old JanSport.

Backpacks have been back and brewing as a hot item for more than a year. Now, luxury designers are officially on board. On Monday, Burberry's runway show at London Fashion Week included a new line of backpacks (which they're calling "rucksacks"). The backpacks, adorned with monograms, were paired seamlessly and without explanation with short cocktail dresses, swingy skirts and silk gowns. 

And they were still the most appealing thing on the runway.

Check it out up close:

Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/Getty Images
Justin Tallis/Getty Images

The inclusion of high-end canvas backpacks, which can be personalized with initials, sent the Internet abuzz with particular excitement from British teens and university students looking to upgrade their usual school attire. 

Unfortunately, the bag's inevitable price tag fell hard on some fans of the new accessory. Burberry bags can go for thousands of dollars; the brand's smaller backpacks from past collections reach just under $1,000

"This new Burberry backpack is everything," a fan tweeted, before adding the hashtag "#butimapoorstudent." 

It was only a matter of time before high-end designers got as sensible as the rest of us, since we've happily reunited with backpacks in recent adulthood. The bag is a welcome addition to the closet of any adult who wants to, you know, hold lots of stuff at once — not just a few tubes of lipstick and a wallet. 

For city-dwellers and office-goers who look at clunky briefcases and cringe, in particular, backpacks are a godsend. Brands like Herschel Supply Co. and the Moonrise Kingdom favorite Fjallraven have risen to popularity thanks to an eager audience who wants cool-looking, stylish bags with the durability and utility. 

From left to right: rererayyy, tigersash, typoshop/Instagram

As for the fashion designers looking to follow "real people," brands like Chanel and The Row gave it a try with fancy versions that had tons of adornment and pricey animal skins. But these Burberry rucksacks have finally gotten the right idea: We want something simple and low-maintenance that actually holds our shit.

No official word yet on how much the new Burberry rucksacks will cost students and fans wanting to look chic and carry their most precious items all at once. We imagine the sky's truly the limit on pricing. 

In the meantime, we'll be over here with our Herschel bags.