Jersey Shore Season 6: Snooki Will Deliver Baby on Television


As the cast of Jersey Shore Season 6 promotes the upcoming season of MTV’s most-hated-yet-inexplicable-highly-successful reality TV show, good news continue to pile up for Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi – Jersey Shore Season 6 and Snooki & Jwoww’s very pregnant star.

In addition to the upcoming bundle of joy, and the fact that Jersey Shore has been renewed for a sixth season (a rare occurrence in today’s television), Jersey Shore’s spin off Snooki & Jwoww has also been renewed for a second season.

With all this opportunities, it's comforting to know that Snooki’s baby probably won’t have any financial struggles growing up; that is, if reality television's most famous star (sorry, Kim Kardashian) doesn’t blow the money in some decadent Italian villa. 

However, Snooki's baby potentially comfortable financial future may come at a cost for the still unborn celebrity. JWoww has said, probably as suggested by Jersey Shore and Snooki & Jwoww's producers, that she wants to film Snooki's baby birth.

So, in addition to the regular tanning, shopping, drinking and brawling, expect witnessing labor from the “pint-sized poofhead” as she delivers her baby on television for the entertainment, amusement and education of Jersey Shore fans. 

That is, if Snooki's baby daddy -- Jionni -- allows it. "Jionni doesn't want that," Snooki said about Jwoww's crazy idea of sharing the birth with the shows' worldwide TV audiences. "He wants it to be private, and I totally respect him for that," Snooki claims. 

However, there is a caveat. "I'm going to record it [the birth] for myself because I want to remember that moment. And I want to show [baby] Lorenzo when he's like 16 in front of all his friends and embarrass him," explained Snooki (how long after the birth happens until the video is "accidentally" leaked?). 

But, whether Jwoww ends up videotaping Lorenzo's birth or not, there will be other opportunity's for Snooki's sidekick to try as the pregnant reality television queen says she wants -- at least -- "three more kids." And Jwoww will be there to set up the tripod and "zoom in."

And even if Jwoww doesn't get to record, or even witness, Lorenzo's birth, she sure will have the cameras rolling when she gets a tattoo in honor of her upcoming honorary nephew. "I might want Lorenzo's initials, but only when his name is on the birth certificate so I know that's his name!" JWoww said. "It might be Jionni Jr., it might come out a girl, I don't know."

And to the inevitable question of whether Jwoww would be next visiting the obstetrician, Snooki's sidekick says "not exactly." The 26-year-old reality star says she and boyfriend Roger Matthews aren't ready to start a family. "We may never even marry! The only thing I really want is a ring," JWoww says. "We could be engaged for 10 years, I don't care."